Elegy: The Black Diamond (Fantasy novel)

Description: His family destroyed by betrayal, master gemsman Shay Bladen has only an heirloom battleaxe created from a single black diamond and a cryptic note promising the secrets of its creation.

But first he must avoid the vicious assassin who covets the battleaxe long enough to reach the bloodstone pillars in the Crystal Mountains.

Elegy has it all. Shay Bladen, a master gem smith, is a well-rounded character with strengths and weaknesses. I was especially intrigued by his affinity for the stones he works with. The magic of Gilstrap’s alternate world is unique in that magic is an anomaly, with no rhyme nor reason, and it might be useful, or not. Elegy has surprising twists and turns with high action-adventure scenes. Gilstrap’s 18 years in Rhu-Te Karate, attaining a 5th level black belt status, allows her to write fight scenes that have believability and realism. Against the action and magic in this story, we have well-drawn characters with compelling stories.
- CL Roth

Sprig-cvr-webA Sprig of Adventure (Fantasy)

Description: Maybe it be strange to ye that a man only five feet tall lives in a giant oak tree, but my life be different from most folks. At well over a hundred years old, I have had plenty of time for adventure, and I have journaled most of my travels.

The unpredictable Slipaway Trail has provided me passage throughout the world, learning new healing techniques and potions, and studying the sometimes dangerous nature of magic. I will share with ye the wonderful, awful, curious world I live in. Come into these pages and join my adventures!